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Paperwork & Filing Systems

BEFORE: Paper and other stuff had been stashed in the closet to"tidy up" when company was coming to visit. This is what happens after a couple of years! : )
AFTER: Closet is emptied, paper is now sorted and the important papers are filed!
Bags of Paper in the Closet Before
Financial Files AfterHealth Files After Using the client's existing file containers and folders, we made ACTION files (Red), FINANCIAL (Green), HOUSEHOLD (Blue), and MEDICAL & HEALTH (Yellow). ARCHIVES are safely stored out of the way in the basement.
IN PROGRESS: Bags of paper and supplies
were pulled from the closet. We used the bed to sort out the supplies. Bags of paper are to the side of the bed. Not shown are the boxes of paper that were also in the closet.
IN PROGRESS: We used a card table and a file box (not shown) to "process" one bag of paper at a time.
Bags of Paper from Closet Before
organizing paper files and creating a filing system
AFTER: Our client was so happy with her new action files, she wanted to make them portable so that she could process mail into the system and work on her action items anywhere in the house. Check out this solution from Staples! She LOVES it!

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portable action files and mail processing system
BEFORE: Client wanted her closet back and paper organized!
AFTER: Her closet is now free to be used to store a few boxes of college files and memorabilia as well as clothing to be donated and out of season clothing - AND her files are in order so she can find any paper when she needs it! She also now has a strategy for determining immediately what to keep and what to get rid of.
portable action files and mail processing system
organizing paper files and creating a filing system frees up a closet

BEFORE: Incoming mail was being stashed in a drawer, on top of the hutch or on the counter.
Action Item Papers were transported in a bag.

BEFORE: Paper was being stashed in bags.

Paper in Livingroom Before

Bag of Paper Before

Bills and other important papers were
getting lost - our client wanted a better way.

Bag of Paper Before

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BEFORE: Kitchen Counter
AFTER: Rather than trying to change the client, we gave her a system that is stored on the kitchen counter, can be used on the dining room table, but can easily be put away out of sight when company visits.
Kitchen Counters Before
Filing System After
Filing System After

AFTER: The client now has an inbox for mail
to be sorted after the kids have gone to bed.
She also has an action file system and a
Home Reference Binder to sort mail into!
Her action files can now be transported
in a folder in her briefcase instead of
in a paper bag! Makes a much more
professional appearance at the office. : )
This was accomplished in one 4 hour session!

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