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Living Rooms

Moving Boxes were everywhere.
We decorated using items we unpacked and the fireplace is now the focal point it should be.
Living Room Fireplace Before
Living Room Fireplace After
Here is a design for an entertainment center. Dramatic up-lighting was used to reduce the need for candle-burning to create ambience.
BEFORE: This is uncluttered, BUT it conceals the fact that the DVDs and Videos are stored in many locations throughout the home. A central media storage solution is needed. Also, burning candles on top of the TV are a hazard as well as polluting the indoor air and causing sinus trouble.
AFTER: The TV is no longer the main focal point. All the DVDs and videos have been collected, sorted and stored by category. There is a shelf for books currently being read or used, and for frequently used games. Magazines are in one of the concealed shelves. This solution creatively modified bathroom linen storage cabinets to look like a real media center. 5 uplights and 2 interior lights were install and hooked up to all turn on with one flip switch. Total cost for this reorganization—under $400.




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