Neat & Simple Organizing Solutions Photo Gallery

Neat & Simple Living™ in the kitchen isn't about being perfectly tidy. It's about making it easy to store food, find it, prepare it, cook it, serve it and clean up afterward! Below are some before and after solutions organized by us.
KITCHEN BEFORE: Unpacking all of the kitchen boxes.

KITCHEN BEFORE: Unpacking lots of kitchen moving boxes.

Unpacking Kitchen Boxes
Unpacking Kitchen Boxes
Unpacking Kitchen Boxes
AFTER: Everything is put away and organized according
to the needs assessment we did before Connie went on vacation.
Everything Unpacked and Put Away

Everything Unpacked and Put Away


Everything Unpacked and Put Away
We organized a baking zone making all the ingredients and supplies easy to find, and easy to keep organized.
Organized Baking Supplies
We made sure that every drawer has a purpose. Utensils here...
...and lunch snacks here.
Organized Kitchen Drawers
Organized Kitchen Drawers
Preparing meals will be easier because we organized all the pots and pans near the stove.
The kids' dishes all have a home in the lunch preparation zone.
Kitchen Pots and Pans
Organized Kitchen Kids Dishes
Organized lunch preparation zone.
Kitchen Lunch Prep After
Pantry is organized.
Kitchen Pantry During the Unpacking
Kitchen Pantry After the Unpacking
The Bar During the Unpacking
The Bar After the Unpacking
We organized the Recipe Books and other kitchen paper in a little kitchen office zone.
Recipe Books After
Instantly access and put away colanders and measuring tools. It just takes a few tiny nails and itís right next to the sink!
Streamlined plastic and lid storage. Putting away leftovers CAN be fun! Nothing was purchased to make this happen!
BEFORE: Typical Medicine Cabinet...
AFTER: NEAT & SIMPLE Medicine Cabinet! Each basket is labeled so everyone knows where to get things and where to put them back!
BEFORE: Typical Over the Fridge
AFTER: NEAT & SIMPLE Cabinet! Everything is so easy to get to! Nothing was purchased for this.




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