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This is my husband's home office in our finished basement that is primarily used for gaming, Robotic Lego construction, and other "kit" projects. I did a redesign for him to turn his chaos into order.

His favorite Legos have now been properly showcased. He didn't want anyone to see his before pictures so we didn't take any. Now he wishes we had!

Before, his office was a dumping ground for everything. After the redesign, paper and broken technology clutter has been cleared out and everything has a home—even his treasured old Atari. Shelves (IVAR from Ikea) are cleared for use as project workspace. Areas are labeled to help ensure the clutter doesn’t return.
Using the IKEA IVAR system, we beautifully showcased his treasured Lego kits. and a special tool and gadget basket was placed on the lower shelf to help ensure clutter does not find it's way back. All those small unique items now have a home—together.

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Office supplies are neatly stored in wicker baskets, and computer games are on one shelf. The old laptop is stored within reach for when
he wants to play the old DOS Based Games.

The redesign includes homes for our 35mm camera equipment and his still functioning COMMODORE system from the 70’s.

Lots of workspace and plenty of Lego and other building kit storage.

Making over this office took me about 12 hours because we had to go through a lot of papers.





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